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2022: Year in Review

ALL SMILES. It doesn't happen often enough but when it does, I'm just thankful. The '22 season played out with grace and ease. The weather cooperated, the supply chain didn't break, the plants were exceptional and before I knew it, it was over. I know I say this every year but I couldn't have done it without the dozens of friends and family who come to help, commune, learn and laugh. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart - again.

While I have no intentions of growing Michigan Heirlooms, I do find myself in the sweet spot of being able to tweak the process. With the brunt of the learning curve behind me, I am now concentrating on perfecting the process.

In the past, a glaring weak spot was pre-orders. From lack of inventory control to the insanity of pulling orders until the wee hours of the night before opening day, to the protection of the orders until they were picked up (and in some cases, if they were ever picked up) - it was ulcer-causing stress levels.

Only allowing orders which were paid in full corrected the inventory control issue. A revamp of behind the scenes paperwork corrected the pulling process and the addition of another hoop house protected the orders. The local drug store now has a surplus of antacids. Next area of focus: the addition of flowers and small fruits.



"The Pug"

10-01-05 to 6-29-2022

She taught me unconditional love. My heart broke.

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