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2015 - The Year In Review

A really good year...unexpectedly, thru Grace " I learned the limit of what one woman can do."

Twilight in the vegetable garden
TWILIGHT (Photo credit: Alex Grant)

With 26 years of marriage under my belt, I started the 2015 season as a single woman.

Looking back, I'm not sure how I did it. All I can remember is 'failure is not an option'. If you've read the About Us page, then you'll know that I firmly believe that every thing happens for a reason. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, "You can only connect the dots looking backwards. Make sure your dots count." - or something close. The point is that had I been brought to this crossroads for a reason, so I dug deep and found comfort in making my dream of Tomatofest 2015 come to fruition - and it so far out exceeded how I 'saw' it in my head that I still smile just thinking about it. The best news is that there are many more on the horizon! I won't reiterate here, but please do go take a look at the gallery and mark your calendars for August 19th, 2017, for TomatoFest 2017!

The garden was amazing...

Raised bed gardens

I'd like to say that the last two years of hand-weeding is the reason that the garden was so exceptional this year, but that wouldn't really be the whole truth. Did all that work help? Of course, it did. The participating factor was the weather. Mother Nature gave us a much needed reprieve and decided to bless us with near perfect growing conditions.

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