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2018 - The Year In Review

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Year of the New Customer

Greenhouse 2018
Greenhouse 2018

THOUSANDS and thousands of plants went to new homes this season.

It was the year that every small business owner hopes for: " I heard about you from _____. They said that I needed to come see you."

Before I get ahead of myself, I need to thank so many people who worked tirelessly to get the 2018 season off the ground:

John Ernst : My son. He never skipped a beat. He worked every single 12 -16 hour day right next to me. Thank you for every single minute.

Eleanor Hucker and Craig Hucker, : This mother and son duo are the most selfless and amazing team I have ever encountered. Days and days they came to help and even fed us! I love you guys.

Jennifer Skarsten-Coppola - So many late nights shipping and always without complaint. So much love!

There are many more that made this season possible. And I thank you all more than you know!

I do what I do because of YOUR passion. You keep inspiring me. You keep me striving to bring you more. Who woulda thunk that the most requested items ( that I DIDN'T) offer in 2018 would be PUMPKINS and SPAGHETTI SQUASH?????? I heard you.... :-)



God bless. <3

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