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2012 - The Year In Review


Weather-wise, 2012 was an odd one to say the least. Spring came on with a vengeance! In fact, I was in the Florida Keys mid-April and it was warmer here in Michigan than it was in southern Florida!

This was good for the plants to get a great jump start, but the continued heat caused many blooms to drop thus fruit production was substantially lower than in years past. While temperatures somewhat stabilized, they remained elevated for most of the growing season.

Many folks called asking what they were doing wrong. Nothing! I told them. Even with

Blossom drop in tomatoes
Blossoms which have been aborted and will fall off

adequate water, blossoms will drop when temperatures remain over 90 degrees F for any extended period of time and there isn't a thing you can do about it.

They continue to grow, but their fruit setting ability is effected. The pollen dies and the plant aborts the flower and the blossoms fall off. Fruits that set before the heat will continue to ripen but will also be effected; they will be smaller and likely not taste as good.  Don't worry though. Just keep the plants well-watered and mulched. You may lose some yield, but they'll start producing again once the weather turns cooler.

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