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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Almost a year has passed since the 2020 season and I'm just now typing up the Year In Review. I'm not going to lie, it almost broke me. Not financially, I praise God that I was one of the lucky ones. It almost broke my spirit. I think it best to leave it at this.

Yep, that's much deserved alcohol. L to R: Kim, Cheryl, John, Donna, Vickie and me.

Twenty-five thousand plants went to new homes, in 2020. I had over 600 pre-orders. It was a schitt show. Again, by the grace of God, I was also sent 16 volunteers to save me. Without them, I can not and will not fathom how the season would have been pulled off. And let me say this, the 2020 season was anything but graceful. It was, in fact, very much like a Bull in a china shop. It was awkward, and bumpy and sometimes broken. But in the end, everyone got their plants. I suppose that's all I could have hoped for.

My back bones. John, Johnny (my son) and Alex.

To all my friends and so incredibly loyal long time customers - thank you. Thank you for showing up year after year. Thank you for being the next person behind the eight that kicked my ass. Thank you for sending me messages. You are the only reason I decided to keep Michigan Heirlooms going another year (yes, it was that bad).

They never left my side. Ever.

Let me give a special shout out to both of the John's above (yes, they are both named John!). From the very, very beginning to the very, very end, these two were my constants. Every day. Rain or shine, through all the bullshit - they never left my side. I love you, both.

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