2017 - The Year In Review


Heart made of peppers

No one has better customers than me - no one!  I should've counted the HUGS -- HUGS!!! Who's lucky and blessed enough to get hugs from their customers? ME! I am! 9 out of 10 people that walked onto this property left with a hug! Hugs are what I will remember about the 2017 season.

I will remember so many returning customers that said, "I had the best garden last year!"

I will remember all the new customers.

I will remember the enthusiasm.

This is what will carry me. These are the memories that will make me do better, work harder, evaluate trial varieties more discerningly.

YOU are the reason I do what I do.

So, thank you. Thank you for coming back - for sharing Michigan Heirlooms.

God bless.


I shouldn't have gone in hindsight. But, I wanted to soooo bad. Ya see, there was this seed swap that was hosted by one of my dear friends and she was had worked so hard on it...

I thought that I had covered my bases. I had dropped (planted) the peppers before I left.

Came back home.... ZERO germination.

"Oh, they'll pop."

(...... still checking.)

Nothing. Zero germination.

"OH SH*T! I'm in trouble."

By the time I realized the error(s) of my way, it was too late.

I ended up driving 12 hours to a 'reputable' organic greenhouse and buying almost their entire stock.

(*** Shew.... that was close.***)


That's not the way it was going to go down. In fact, the way it went down was that I brought back an STD -- aphids. Not just aphids - but aphids on steroids.