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 This improved variety is more productive and earlier than its 1939 All-American Selection-winning predecessor, Clemson Spineless. Expect high yields of spineless, tender ribbed pods with excellent flavor. Traditional favorite for soups and stews. Can be canned, fried, roasted or boiled.


NOTE: Harvest pods when they are young and tender - around 3 inches long - eventhough pods do get much bigger (up to 9"), they will not be suitable for the kitchen.


Plants begin bearing when about a foot tall, and will continue until frost if kept picked. Bear in mind that plants can reach up to 6 foot but here in Michigan plan to allocate at least a 3' x 3' area for each plant.

Sold in 2.5" pot.

OKRA, Clemson Spineless 80

Not Available for Pre-Order
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