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The edible Nasturtium flowers and leaves have a slight peppery flavor - something like a spicy watercress. They can be added to any type of green salad or even sprinkled into soups. Furthermore, when mixed with chives, both the leaves and blossoms blend beautifully into omelets or potato salad. The buds or seeds can be pickled and used as an alternative to capers.


The leaves and petals of nasturtium are extremely nutritious as they contain vitamin C and iron. The leaves also have antibiotic properties which are at their most effective just before the plant flowers.

Orders will be pulled from an assortment of named varieties including: Alaska mix, Peach Melba, Cherry Rose, Jewel Tone and several others that I have in smaller quantities.


Sold in a 2.5" pot.

NASTURTIUM (Growers Choice)

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