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These attractive plants are covered with 7 inch long by 1-1/4 inch fruits which are wrinkled, tapered and curved. Medium-thick walls, they ripen from a lustrous dark green to a brilliant scarlet.


Very pungent, even when small. This variety is said to be particularly high in vitamins C and A.


A favorite for using dried, pickled or in sauces. Cayenne peppers are used fresh in hot sauces, dried or ground for cayenne pepper or pepper flakes or threaded onto a string as an attractive 'Rista' craft decoration.


Sold in a 2.62" wide x 3.5" deep pot.

CAYENNE, Large Thick

Not Available for Pre-Order

    SPECIES: C. annuum
    HEAT LEVEL: Medium
    FRUIT COLOR: Green > Red
    SCOVILLE HU: 3,000 - 10,000

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