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Large, deep-ridged almost square fruits are very early and prolific. Bell shaped pepper ripen from green into bright scarlet getting sweeter over time. Fruits are crisp and of excellent flavor. Ribs can be quite pungent but the flesh is sweet.

Originally from India (1759), Amelia Simmons refers to these in her 1796 “American Cookery” (said to be the first American cookbook). 

Grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson - it is still grown their today. Fearing Burr listed it in the 1863 edition of Field and Garden Vegetables of America, describing them as the "best and most wholesome of all pickled peppers", not only because of their mildness, but also for their thick, fleshy, and tender flesh.

These crunchy peppers are fun to eat raw and the walls are thick enough to hold a hearty dip. And, of course, they're delicious pickled. 


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    SPECIES: C. annuum
    HEAT LEVEL: Sweet
    FRUIT COLOR: Green > Red
    ORIGIN: India > US heirloom

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