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I obtained this variety through a friend who lives on Harsens Island, MI (an island near Algonac, MI). They had been growing it from seed for a handful of years having been given seed from an elderly gentleman who also had a place on the island but only spent the summers there. 


After growing it for myself the following summer (2015), and being really impressed I further pressed for more information about its history. Two years later, the only information that the elderly gentlemen could provide was that he had been growing it for 35 years and that if he recalled it was an Italian bean.


What is for sure is that vines are incredibly rampant, incredibly productive and disease resistant (at least in my garden).

Pods were no less than 8 inches long and many were 10 inches. Unless obstructed they grew arrow straight and stayed tender for an exceedingly long time on the vine.

You will need a very sturdy trellis system!

Sold as a 6-pack.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    Sold as a 6-pack.

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