INDOOR SEED STARTING 101: Creating Your Space (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021


Like all things worth doing, the work put into the prep will almost guarantee the best end product. Your indoor seed starting set up / area is no different.

Let me be honest here and tell you that where ever you end up choosing (or whichever spot chooses you do to logistics), this area will become your refuge. It will become a very scared 'space' to you. You will visit it often and become very protective of it. Trust me on this.

I want to expound on my comment regarding 'or whichever spot chooses you...'. Not all of us have unlimited areas in our homes to take over for upwards of several months and that's ok! Whether you have an entire basement or spare room, or even just a few square feet - make it yours!

A couple of years ago, I was giving a talk on Indoor Seed Starting in Indiana, and a young gal came up to me afterwards and very shyly said, "I saw you give this talk last year. You gave me the confidence to start my own seeds. I didn't have any room other than the space I had on top of the dryer. But, I did what you said, and went ahead and just did it. So, thank you, because it worked!" [No, young lady - THANK YOU!]

ADVANCED WARNING: If you have pets/children that can (and will) access the area and potentially (probably) wreck havoc - plan for this! Use baby gates, lock doors, etc.



I grabbed some of these photos from Pinterest, the others are mine. What I'm trying to show you is that your seed starting 'space' is limited only by your imagination.