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My friend, Vicky Tewes, owner of Thistlehair Farm in Union, KY, brought me up a plant this past spring (2016). I ended up planting it in a 10 gallon fabric pot and growing it in the greenhouse. Holy batman! It went 11 foot before I chopped it down.


The first time I tasted it, it knocked my socks off with true old-fashioned tomato flavor - good acid, yet mellow with just a hint of sugar. Meat is very dense, with few seeds and a small core. The kicker is that the fruits average well over a pound and they are prolific! This is not a plant for small spaces, by any means.

HISTORY: Julie Maruskin of Winchester, KY, first began listing 'Lena Mae Nolt's Holy Land' described as: Brilliant red perfect oxhearts, 12-18 oz., 20-30 pounds fruit per plant, on sprawling wispy-leaf vines. From Lena Mae Nolt, former owner of Homestead Garden Nursery in Casey Co. KY. Lena Mae received seeds from a customer ca. 1998, and is now a Homestead Garden best seller in spring.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.

HOLY LAND, Lena Mae Nolt's

Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Regular, wispy-leaf 
    FRUIT CLASS: Paste / Beefsteak
    FRUIT SHAPE: Heart
    FRUIT SIZE: Large to ExLarge
    ORIGIN: Open-pollinated

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