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#1 longest and best-selling variety!


Small (1/2 oz), ivory-yellow fruit are produced in sprays - thousands per plant!


Vigorous, rampantly sprawling vines with many delicate leaves are early, and keep producing until hard frost. Exceedingly sweet flavor! I often tell people that they are like eating Pez candy.  


If you have a dog that loves tomatoes, do yourself a favor and put one of these in your garden (or even better - away from your garden) and train them that this is 'their' tomato. I [used to] have two in the garden for just my Pug!

HISTORY: This variety was given to heirloom tomato collector Craig LeHoullier by Maye Clement during a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Harvest Fair show, as a cluster of fruit on the vine. She indicated that it grew wild in her home country of Mexico. Craig believes it may actually be L. pimpinellifolium. However, Ms. Clement stated that it is called 'Coyote' in her hometown.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Regular
    FRUIT CLASS: Currant / Cherry
    FRUIT SHAPE: Round
    FRUIT SIZE: Small
    FRUIT COLOR: Yellow
    ORIGIN: Heirloom (Landrace) - Mexico