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Considered to be one of the best tasting purple tomatoes available. Beautiful fruits are produced in abundance on stocky plants which show good heat and disease resistance. Once you try it, it will find a place in your garden every year.

HISTORY: A result of a natural cross of Brandywine, Sudduth's X Unknown  in the garden of Ricky “B” of Murphreesboro, Tennessee, who sent F2 seeds to several Tomatoville members in 2006. The cross produced regular leaf plants in the F1 generation and both potato and regular leaf plants in the F2 generation. Selection continued in 2007-2009 with potato leaf lines as it had an excellent taste. Bill Jeffers of Evansville, Indiana selected for mahogany fruit on a potato leaf vine, and offered a stabilized version (F5) in the Seed Savers 2010 Yearbook. Original seed source was Bill Jeffers. 


Sold in a 3.5" pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Potato 
    FRUIT CLASS: Beefsteak
    FRUIT SHAPE: Oblate
    FRUIT SIZE: Large
    FRUIT COLOR: Purple
    ORIGIN: Open-pollinated, stablilzed cross