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Emerite is a long, elegant filet pole bean from one of the oldest French breeders. The pods of these classic haricot vert beans are slim, rounded, and grow 7 to 9" long. Emerite's flavor is beany-sweet and delicate, and the long pods have a crispy snap that makes them especially delicious when just briefly steamed or quickly stir-fried. 


Unlike the small bush types you may be used to, these beans can be picked at all stages– the 4-inch thin filet style (which is great at the beginning of the season when you can’t wait for the first beans!), all the way up to a mature 7 to 8-inch round bean.


Because they are a filet, they are never stringy or tough– even when they’ve been left to mature to a large bean.


They produce a lot during the main season - slowing down into the hot last days of August- but don’t give up on them! As soon as the weather turns “fall-ish” with cooler temps and some rain, they will start leafing out again and producing flowers and beans- all the way until the first frost.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    Sold as a 6-pack.

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