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Next to the lotus, Holy basil is perhaps the most sacred plant of India. Its Indian name is Tulasi or Tulsi. It is also known as Sacred basil.


An herb that grows in a shrub-like habit up to 24 inches tall and develops clusters of fragrant pink-violet blossoms when mature. The ovate, serrated leaves grow opposite along thick, hairy square stems, indicitive of belonging to the mint family.


A very, very distinctive fragrance - unlike anything I've ever smelled before - sweet, spicy, minty with strong clove-like overtones. It is truly one of my favorite smells of all time.


It is widely used for culinary, medicinal, and religious purposes.


Studies have shown that Holy basil has antioxidant properties, lowers cortisol levels and influences the neurochemistry of the brain in a manner similar to antidepressant medications. Regular use of this herb strengthens nerve tissue, promotes clarity of mind, increases memory and eases nervous tension.


I personally grow many pots each year right outside my back door for three reasons: to brush my hand over the plants as I'm coming and going, to dry the leaves for tea throughout the year and to make the best Thai Basil Pesto, you've ever had!


Sold with multliple plants in a 2.5" pot


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