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A Garden for All Seasons (Eliot Coleman)


Can Soil Fertility Improve Tomato Flavor? (RUTGERS New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station)


Corn Gluten Meal - A Natural Lawn Care Herbicide (Journal of Pesticide Reform)


Hornworms and Hummingbird Moths (Colorado State University Extension)


How to Plan a Vegetable Garden 

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How to Support Tomatoes using the FLORIDA WEAVE Method (Garden Betty)

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How Do I Prevent Tomatoes from Cross-pollinating? (


How to String and Sucker Tomato Plants (mhpgardener)


Isolation Distances for Seed-Saving (Jeffrey H. McCormack, Ph.D.) (Used with permission)


LETTUCE BOWL CARE SHEET (Michigan Heirlooms)


Pruning Tomatoes (Cornell Cooperative Extension of Franklin County )

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The History of the Brandywine Tomato (Written by Craig Lehoullier, via Victory Seeds)


Tomato Leaf Roll - Cause and Remedies (A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication)


Using Earthworms to Improve Soil Health and Fertility (The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station)


Weed Management on Organic Farms (Center for Environmental Farming Systems)