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(Thymus vulgaris) Thyme is a small low-growing woody shrub but is most commonly grown as an annual or tender evergreen perennial in warmer climates (i.e. - mild Michigan winters).


Throughout the summer, leaves and sprigs can be harvested at any time for fresh use or drying. Remembering to trim the plants on a regular basis will encourage new growth and discourage plants from becoming leggy and woody.


Thyme is one of the most powerful home remedies we can grow. Either fresh, dried or in tintures, thyme is used to treat bacterial and fungal infections.


To preserve this herb for use during the year, cut new growth sprigs into at least 6 - 8 inch lengths. Once gathered, rinse the cuttings in warm water to remove dirt and debris. Pat dry.


At this point, the simplest method is to bundle sprigs with cord or a rubber band and hang them in a dark, well-ventilated, warm area until leaves become completely brittle.


A second method, is to use your oven at the lowest possible setting, until completely dried.  Third, you can also use a dehydrator, if you have one.

Once dried, remove leaves from the stems and store in a labeled and dated airtight container.


Sold in a 2.5" pot.


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