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Quite possibly my new favorite pepper. Scratch that, it IS my new favorite pepper! I am not a fan of eating raw peppers (they upset my tummy), but I do love dried spicy peppers mixed with my own oven roasted garlic from the garden and eat it on my eggs! 

Two of the pictures I've included are from a long time customer, yearly guinea pig for new varieties and, well, my friend Tyler Wolfe. Here's what he had to say about this amazing pepper:

"I didn't find it that hot really. Above Jalapeno, maybe little lower than Serrano. Complex flavor that reminds me of a red bell pepper. Little sweet, little earthy." 

I'll add that there is defintely a smoky undertone.

If you use spice - fresh or dried - this is a must grow! And, c'mon, look at it - it's a beautiful plant!


Sold in a 2.62" wide x 3.5" deep pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    SPECIES: C. annuum
    HEAT LEVEL: Medium
    FRUIT COLOR: Green > Red
    ORIGIN: SW region of China known as Guizhou
    SCOVILLE HU: 30,000

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