Perfect little heart-shaped pink fruits with blue anthocyanin shoulders are bigger than a standard cherry ( I call them 'two-bites'). Fruits that are exposed to direct sunlight, will have much darker shoulders than those that are shaded.


Very good flavor - both sweet and acid. Can you picture a prettier tomato for your salads?

HISTORY: Known officially as H34 Rot Joli Coeur, translating to Red Sweet Heart (and much easier to say, IMO). Apparently bred by Keith Mueller, of Kansas City, MO, sometime in the 2000's, there is little other  recorded information available.


If I am putting the pieces together correctly, Keith made a cross and called it H34 Gelb. Perhaps H34 Gelb was his working name of this original cross ( a common practice in the field of breeding)  and sent seed of this cross out for trial to others (seemingly mostly 'across the pond') before it was completely stable. Someone found the variety I am offering here H34 Rot - Joile Coeur, and later stabilzed it as  the only reference I can find states: "the smaller sister sibling to Belle Couer (H34 Gelb)"

RED SWEET HEART (H34 Rot, Jolie Coeur)


    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Potato
    FRUIT CLASS: Cherry
    FRUIT SHAPE: Heart
    FRUIT SIZE: Small
    FRUIT COLOR: Anthocyanin/Pink
    ORIGIN: Open-pollinated, USA




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