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A hint of Blackcurrant scent over a spearmint base with this beautiful plant, which produces dark green leaves with a flush of Blackcurrant colour in early growth and a profusion of tasty leaves during the growing season. It is hardy and like most species of the mint family has a spreading habit, so is well suited to being grown in a container.


Mint will thrive anywhere, preferring moist partly shady areas, and are easy to grow from cuttings or replanting of runners. To control spread, this herb should be planted in sunken bottomless containers (add a cascading element to your annual flower pots!) and kept well watered to ensure good leaf production. Blackcurrant mint will produce small mauve flower spikes in summer, and grow 1.5 foot tall.


Sold in a 2.5" pot.

MINT, 'Blackcurrant'

Not Available for Pre-Order
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