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I've been growing this variety for about 3 years now and never seem to get a picture of it. As many of you may know, Golden Pineapple is my absolute favorite bicolor tomato, so when Joe told me about this I was pretty excited! Neither of us have any idea how this mutation happened but it has been stable every year since. 

All of the yummy goodness of its parent with the flavor profile you can only get from GWR (Green When Ripe) tomatos. My friend Tyler, who always lets me use him as a test garden had this to say on August 18th, 2022 on FB:
"Really loving this Green-When-Ripe version of Golden Pineapple. It's just really striking bicolor with an amazing depth of flavor and acidity. Unfortunately it's also the squirrels' favorite so this might be the best example I get all year."


As always, it's best to pick these fruits by feel, as they will over ripen and turn mushy on the vine, if you don't regularly check them. How do you check  tomatoes for the perfect ripeness? Think 20 year old boobie... (yeah, I said that.)

HISTORY: Found by Joe Rarus of Southfield, MI in 2017 out of Golden Pineapple seed.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Regular
    FRUIT CLASS: Beefsteak
    FRUIT SHAPE: Oblate
    FRUIT SIZE: Large
    FRUIT COLOR: GWR - Green When Ripe
    ORIGIN:Open-Pollinated - USA

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