The same dusky dark purple fruits we have all come to love only prettier - with creamy white variegated leaves! Variegation is strongest in cooler tempratures, fading in the heat of the summer and returning as the temperatures cool.


An interesting field note: Faelan's First Snow produces nearly fifty percent more fruit than the standard Cherokee Purple and I'm not sure why...


HISTORY: On July 12th, 2011, member "Lochlain" wrote this original post in the Tomato Depot forum.


"Hi Folks, About a month or so ago I was watering some plants at work (I work at a garden center) and I happened to notice a plant labeled Cherokee Purple which at first glance looked sun I moved closer I noticed that it was variegated!


I bought the plant and gave it a nice home in a decent sized container... Large enough for good growth, but small enough so that I could control it's size and move it into the greenhouse or indoors if need be.


I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it grows true to type from seed. In the event that it does grow true to type from seed, I have named this selection 'Faelan's First Snow'. Faelan mean's "young wolf" in Old Irish Gaelic. I must admit that I have a weakness for anything Medieval, from books, to games, to movies. Faelan is one of the character names that I have used in the past in both stories and gaming. The "First Snow" part of the name alludes to the imagery of a light early snow that has fallen on plants that are still green which the variegation reminded me of."


Lochlain shared seed with many folks, including myself. I have grown it on and off since then selecting for the strongest variegation.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.



    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Regular; variegated green and white
    FRUIT CLASS: Beefsteak
    FRUIT SHAPE: Oblate
    FRUIT SIZE: Large
    FRUIT COLOR: Purple
    ORIGIN: Open-pollinated




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