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1st Runner up - Unofficial Taste test 2017


Dark orange fruits with faint anthocyanin shoulder staining average 2-5 ozs. Fruits are quite variable in shape with one feature being consistent - a pronounced nippled blossom end. Fruits take a while to color up but when they do have incredible hanging time on the vine without degradation. The flavor is unbelievable and hard to describe - a bit citrusy, bold, and full-bodied with an even acid finish.

HISTORY: I received the seed for this variety in a trade from a gentleman that goes by the name of 'TomatoFrenchman' on web forums in 2015.

Al Anderson of Troy, OH first offered a variety called 'Sinks Yellow Tip'  in the Seed Savers 2007 Yearbook and describes it like this: "75 days, indet., regular leaf, medium size, yellow fruit, very pronounced point on the end of fruit, very good flavor old Miami County heirloom from Sink Family in Virginia" Mr. Anderson obtained the seeds from John Sink of Covingtonm Ohio in 2002 as an heirloom from the Gerald Sink Family.


Here's the rub: My plants produce fruits with an ever so slight anthocyanin blush on the shoulders. I'm confident that the anthocyanin gene wasn't floating around back in the day in Virginia, so it's fair to assume that somewhere along the line a bee got involved but the fruits remained typical in all other respects.


Not being known for my politcal correctness, I stuck with the name as I received it.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Indeterminate
    MATURITY: Mid-season
    LEAF TYPE: Regular
    FRUIT CLASS: Salad - Slicer
    FRUIT SHAPE: Globular; highly variable
    FRUIT SIZE: Small
    FRUIT COLOR: Orange
    ORIGIN: Open-pollinated

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