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Super early at only 50-55 days, large meaty fruits are borne on determinate tree-type vines that are bushy and compact. This dwarf plant shouldn't exceed 3 ft. in height, making it a perfect container candidate.


Cold tolerant with very good yields of red, elongated-oval fruits that are tangy and meaty with very good flavor. The name 'Boets' means "Fighter" in Russian.


If you are limited on space and was hoping to make your own sauce/salsa then this is the perfect choice for you! Lots of paste-type fruits over a long season all in a small package.

HISTORY: AKA Buyan & Boets. Originated from the Siberian Research Institute of Plants and Breeding in Russia. First listed in the SSE Yearbook in 2007 by Al Anderson of Ohio (OH AN A), who obtained seeds from Geza Korbely in Hungary.


Sold in a 3.5" pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    GROWTH HABIT: Dwarf / Determinate
    MATURITY: Early-season
    LEAF TYPE: Rugose
    FRUIT CLASS: Paste
    FRUIT SHAPE: Elongated
    FRUIT SIZE: Medium
    ORIGIN: Russia

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