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Hand collected by Russ Aceto in 2014. The below is his recount of how he came into procurring  this heirloom.

"The shorter version of the longer story is that my father's family is from the Abruzzi region of Italy. During the summer of 2014, my father and I returned to this region to explore the country side, discover a few more unique bits of family history and ... well bond.

During the two weeks we were there, at just about every place we stopped to eat, we had this toasted hot pepper oil. It is used like salt or pepper and sprinkled on just about everything. When i asked about how to make it, recipes were varied but seeds for the peppers were not to be found. 

Then as we stayed at one particular inn, they pointed out the dried peppers hanging in a string across the hutch. Needless to say, a few peppers and their seeds landed in my pocket. I grew them out this past summer and sent a few to Karen Golden of Michigan Heirlooms who also grew them out. 

The peppers are long and slender and hot. Not super hot, but hot. My plants were about 3 feet tall, though I imagine they would be taller if grown in warmer climates as well as more productive. Fruit set early, turns red when ripe and when hung to dry, dry to a beautiful burgundy red. When dried, they should be sliced/ cut thin and put in oil. Bring the oil up to temp and when you see and smell the peppers are toasting, remove from the heat. Spoon to taste over eggs, pasta etc. 

When my father was with us for the holidays, I served pasta and the pepper oil to him and after he told me that it was exactly like his father had made and that these peppers were perfect. These would also be great smoked, dried and ground into a spicy smoked paprika. This really is a great pepper. I have released a few seeds for this and plants may be available this spring through Michigan Heirlooms by Variations Horticultural Services."


Sold in a 2.62" wide x 3.5" deep pot.


Not Available for Pre-Order

    SPECIES: C. annuum
    HEAT LEVEL: Medium
    FRUIT COLOR: Green > Red
    ORIGIN: Italy
    SCOVILLE HU: 10,000 ???

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