CUSTOMERS WITH PRE-PAID ORDERS : If your order contained any vines, beans or squash DO NOT PLAN ON PICKING THEM UP UNTIL MAY 23rd at the earliest - they are not ready!


1.  Place a PAID ORDER via the website, using the 'Add to cart' buttons next to each item listed within the catalogs. Please make sure to choose the "local pick up" option(s) and then proceed to checking out thru PayPal. Please note that you DO NOT need a PayPal account to check out!

Paid pre-ordering has many advantages. In doing so, when you arrive, your order will have been pulled and tagged with your name and waiting for you. You also have first dibs - meaning the sooner you place your order, the closer you are to the top of the pile and the more likely you will be in getting everything on your list.  95% of the time your order will be completed as placed. As for the other 5% of the time...?

I am really good at growing plants but seemingly not so much at predicting the future as each and every year there is a run on certain varieties that I just somehow don't foresee and as a result I run out of stock. I will almost always have a very close substitute, so you won't go home empty-handed, but maybe a bit disappointed.

In this same vein, your pre-orders help me to better plan - win/win.

2. Place an ORDER RESERVATION using this form. Everything from (#1) above applies with the only difference being that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU GET HERE and your order will be pulled after all of the above paid orders.

3. COME VISIT THE GREENHOUSE! Daily hours are below. I can't wait to see you!

CLOSED for the 2018 Season


Location & Daily Hours


The GREENHOUSES are located to the left and BEHIND the GARAGE

209 E. Wardlow Rd, Highland, MI 48356

All plants are sold and shipped in 2.5" pots, including a thermal printed tag.


Short answer:

I am running two weeks behind due to the unseasonably cold weather and the plants are just not growing to my satisfaction. I will begin shipping next Monday - Wednesday (5/14 - 5/16)  and will hope to get all southern orders out in this time frame. When your plants do ship, I will update your PayPal receipt with tracking information.

Due to the height restrictions of the new packaging I have chosen to use this year, all orders will need to be shipped within the time constraints of the height of the plants. What does this mean? It means that if you live in Florida, I will ship your plants first, however understand that they will be on the smaller size because I do not have the capability of staggering start dates of hundreds of different plants. Michigan weather is fickle, to say the least, with 50 degree temperature fluctuations in a single day not being uncommon. More importantly, all plants are started and raised in unheated greenhouses - a major contributor to why I truly believe that our plants are so strong from the start - they are forced to thrive from the onset, as opposed to artificial coddling.

This also means that if you live in Minnesota, you will be receiving your plants potentially a few weeks before it is warm enough to plant in your own gardens therefore you must be prepared to care for them indoors until then.

Please note that I may suddenly turn off shipping, without warning. This will happen when the plants are becoming too tall and/or onsite sales have begun for the season. Orders that are received after I have turned off shipping will be refunded.